The Project is dedicated to the problem of optimal usage of human individuality features both in training and professional processes. 

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1. Author of the Project: Mr. Andrew L. Gerashchenko - a Deputy Head of Emergency Situations, Ship Security, and Techno-Ecological Safety of OJSC "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company", a Board Chairman of the "Innovative Project Support Association" in Izmail.
2. Purpose and Objectives:
- to provide skills in self-evaluation of personal abilities in perception and application of the gained experience in training and labour;
- to create prompt and convenient system of principal recommendation to apply random data in respect with individual abilities;
- to show the strong and weak points of the applicant's personality;
- to identify favourable and non-favourable peeriods for mastering various training and data material according to particular personal individuality;
- to develop racommendation for optimal application of natural abilitites in practice;
- to implement the results of the Project in the traditional practice of professional training and work.
3. Participants of the Project implemntation are physicians, tutors and instructors of educational establishments, experts in computerized technologies, communications, maritime training, water transport, emergency situations and  technogenous and ecology safety in the City of Izmail.
4. Social categories for whom this Project is supposed to be of use: The project is developed for young people undergoing studies and training aged from 14 to 30, and for administration of leading enterprises and educational establishments in Izmail City.
5. Number of people participating in the Project implementation: not restricted
6. Place of the Project implementation, material and technical base for the Project implementation: The Project is supposed to be implemented on the basis of public organization "Innovative Project Support Association" in Izmail.
7. Project description: Software program identifying individual biopsychological rhythms on the basis of principal model of human memory provides creation of the human activities duagrams for an individual and displays numeric values for a random chosen time period. The values are accompanied with relevant recommendations for seven basic types of psychological activities. The software is open for free spreading via world communication network "Internet". The initial success of the Project shall be evaluated basing of the rrespective web-resource attending counters data. Final success is evaluated subject to number of orders for specialized versions of the principal technology.
8. The Porject Implementation Forms: Project web-site, computerized biorhythmical software, spreading technologies via Internet, interviewing users.
9. Expected Results from the Project:
    A. Healthy way of life and adequate behaviour during studies and work encouragement.
    B. Creating new technologies of reasonable usage of time and abilities of the younger social groups in acquiring and application of gained knowledge and skills.
    C. Encouraging younger social group, education and business structures to apply new technologies in monitoring individual abilities.
10. Financial and economical support: sponsorship from the interested municipal enterprises, third parties funding.

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